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Independent verification of NOx may not be accepted by ULEZ (TFL) after July 2022.

UK Emission Zones

KIA CEED for TAXI (PHV) licensing

UK emissions zones are chargeable zones. You have to pay to enter them or drive through them. 

Clean Air and Low emissions zones cannot be ignored 

If you don’t pay, you must have an exemption.

Otherwise, you will be automatically fined

Emissions zones are not new. The ULEZ (Ultra Low Emissions Zone) in London has been running for many years. The forthcoming Bristol CAZ has similar criteria. Your vehicle can be checked by you online as it will be checked on the roads by ANPR. Local and national exemptions for cars and vans are based on Year of Production. The CAZ say – 2005 onwards for petrol is good. That means EURO 4, as 2005 was the deadline for manufacturers to implement the EURO 4 standard.


And 2015 onwards for diesel is good. That means EURO 6.

This is not the full picture however. For petrol car owners, your vehicle could still be exempt if it is pre-2005 depending on its NOx emissions, and this may be on its DVLA record.  

The flaw in the system is that not every car in the DVLA database has the NOx data recorded.


Good news. There is a review procedure. If there is a gap in your logbook you can request a manual check from If you think your car may comply you’ll need a certificate that states its NOx emissions or its EURO class. You can sometimes get this from the vehicle manufacturer. You COULD also use an independent supplier such as Eurocert for an ICOC Emissions certificate but ULEZ (TFL) may not be accepting independent certificates such as ours after July 2022..


For free advice and emissions certification you can call Eurocert on 0117 902 8656.
Or click here

KIA CEED for TAXI (PHV) licensing

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