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NOVA - Notification of Vehicle Arrival

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Choose us as your customs and delayed-declaration agent

just need HMRC NOVA? - order form

A simple one-stop order-form service for you to start your HMRC NOVA journey for UK vehicle import and registration.

Do you need a NOVA clearance for your vehicle?

  1. Are you registering a vehicle in the UK?

  2. Do you have an HMRC clearance (it is a clearance  number on an HMRC letter that tells the UK DVLA there is no outstanding import tax)?

If your answer is YES to (1) and NO to (2), you need a NOVA clearance.

import duty, import VAT, import tax relief, NOVA1, deferred declaration, delayed declaration, customs duty, customs clearance, Transfer of Residence, personal import, commercial import, C384, C88, etc. etc. 

We take on all of these elements of NOVA!

We bust all the jargon and give you a simple way forward...

We cover all scenarios. In many cases, the £90 plus VAT will be all you will pay. But if you are liable for import VAT or duty or additional procedures, we'll quote you and you decide whether to continue. 


Your vehicle may have no history or not been imported recently, we can still get it cleared. 

We'll work for you and get the best option and best way forward for you, your vehicle, and for your circumstances. 


NOVA and Imports Reception Service

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