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Authentication by facial recognition con

Eurocert document security

Telephone or email authentication is one way to check the Eurocert document's authenticity and its datasheet. We encourage and welcome calls in this regard.


You can be sure of authenticity by our document security features.

Embossing: All Eurocert documents are laser-printed and embossed (the process of creating a raised relief image) stating the Eurocert brand name

QR CODE: All Eurocert documents bear a QR code which links to this web page or - in some cases - to a certified user page. However, do be aware that QR codes can be copied and pasted. We encourage and welcome phone calls and emails to confirm authenticity.

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Watermark: Eurocert documents are always printed on watermarked paper. Hold the paper up to the light if necessary and you will see a  watermark.




The UDRN label leaves a 'void' residue if tampered with (see image). Used on all Eurocert  documents published after 31 January 2022. 

Document Numbering

Each Eurocert document has a unique number, situated on an applied paper label. This is the Eurocert Unique Document refrerence Number (UDRN). This should be used if you contact us about a document that has been issued. We encourage and welcome calls to confirm authenticity.

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