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Eurocert Limited supplies products and services in connection with vehicle movement (import/export), motorist travel, and vehicle registration.


ICOC: Independent Certificate of Conformity. A protected trademark, brand and trading style.

ECWVTACOC and ECWVTA COC : European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval. AKA 'Certificate of Conformity', 'COC', 'Vehicle Certificate of Conformity', 'Manufacturer's COC'.

ECOO, AKA "Eurocert Certificate of Origin": A document confirming or clarify the origin and/or history of a vehicle in relation to the UK.

Eurocert Certificate of Export: A document verifying the 'exported' status of a vehicle, and/or the event of export from the UK to outside of the UK.

COE, AKA "Eurocert Certificate of Emissions": A document verifying or stating certain emissions values of a vehicle type, make, model or individual vehicle.

YOM (Year Of Manufacture) Verification, AKA "Dating Letter": A document verifying or stating the year of manufacture of a specific individual vehicle.




Eurocert supplies vehicle document products globally.

Eurocert supplies vehicle registration services in the UK, which involves gathering, checking, supplying and/or commissioning documents.

Distribution of Eurocert products by our partners -  please click here to see distributor/reseller overviews. Specific terms and conditions of supply by Eurocert (the Publisher) via its distributors will be detailed on Eurocert partner websites, or you can request by email the general Supply Terms and Conditions of Publisher-Distributor-End Client for places where we have a distributor in place.


Cancellation of a Service Contract within 14 days of ordering

For services ordered online, a customer has the right to cancel within a 14 day cancellation period. For all paid orders, our customer will be notified in a durable format (printable email) of this right to cancel within 14 days and a model cancellation form will also be supplied. The 14 day cancellation period will start on the day the customer receives this email notification. [View or download cancellation document here].

Authorising us to start work immediately
Under normal trading circumstances we should wait 14 days from the date of order, before completing the service contract. However, we always aim to start work well within this period known as the 'cancellation period', with some services even being same-day. Therefore, we usually ask our customers to physically authorise us to start work within the cancellation period. If we do this we will request written permission by email. The customer will be asked to sign a special agreement authorising us to begin work. This authorisation affects your cancellation rights - it means that if we begin work or complete the service within the 14 days, if you decide to cancel, you may not get all or any of your payment refunded.

Cancellation of a Service Contract for Trade to Trade Sales

CANCELLATIONS AND RETURNS from Commercial Customers: cancellation rights don't apply for sales to trade, business or professional entities.

For the avoidance of doubt, cancellation rights do not apply for commercially classified sales to trade, business or professional entities.

Timescales and Delivery durations (includes ICOC 24 Hour and SAME-DAY service descriptions)

Throughout this website, products and services may be described as ENHANCED, EXPRESS, 24 HOUR, SAME-DAY or NEXT-DAY. These are target times for production and despatch and we will try to qualify on the service or product description page - exactly what you can expect and the realistic possibilities of slippage of target time. In all cases, despatch of ICOC, COE, and any other documents, will occur only after we have received back from you the relevant communications to start work, complete work, and acquire from you (the customer) the vehicle details we need and ask for by email.  

We will not be responsible for giving a full refund if we create a unique (custom-made) document that does not arrive at a physical address within a certain timeframe, whether this be a timeframe expected or assumed by the customer or a described target or suggested target timeframe in a product description on our website. The timeframe is not the bulk of the service, the document created is the bulk of the service. If the document is not received by the customer within the timeframe expected, he/she may request another, using the procedure shown below (Delivery of Documents by Post). Whereupon the document has been created and published and is - at some point whenever in time - delivered by email and/or postage to a physical address (or posted with a certifiable Proof of Posting by POST OFFICE LIMITED [UK] ), the MAXIMUM refund due to the customer, in view of delayed delivery, will be 20% of the original cost of the document [service], the amount to be determinded by us. This is because we have no control over postal and courier company services and no opportunity of recompense from them. 

Delivery of Documents by Post

As standard, ICOC documents, and COE documents, and Eurocert Vehicle Transit Documents, will be posted by Royal Mail AIRMAIL. Not by any tracked, registered or signed-for postage services, unless specifically requested and, if necessary, paid for by the customer in advance of despatch. No responsibility can or will be accepted by Eurocert Limited for third-party postal services (Royal Mail and its partner services abroad) for losses or delays in the delivery of our documents sent by post. The service we provide is to research, create and publish documents relating to specific vehicles. The service does not extend to a guarantee of delivery of any item by post, by the third party, within a given timeframe. If the document does not arrive at the physical address, or is deeemd 'lost', you may request - free of charge - a replacement (reissued) document, by the same postal service; or you have the opportunity to upgrade - for a fee - to your chosen method of a more secure or faster service by post or courier. These requests for reissue can be made on the order form here:

Documents arising from our services that are custom-made
Where services result in custom-made documents, we will not usually offer customers a second cancellation period following customer receipt of said documents. Most of our services, such as 'ICOC', 'ECWVTACOC', involve the provision of custom-made documents created only for a specific vehicle at a specific time, and therefore cannot be accepted back for resale. These documents and service certifications may not be classed as separate 'products' distinct from the Service Contract by which they were created.

This does not affect the statutory rights of a customer regarding faulty goods, as follows. 

Faults, in the case of a document issued by us
If a mistake is found or any error that needs correcting in the data shown on the document, we will make this correction free of charge and within a reasonable amount of time. We ask our customers to give us this time to rectify a mistake, rather than request a refund. This does not affect the customer's statutory rights.

However, we will not add extra or additional information free of charge deemed by a customer as necessary for his/her purposes or 'nice to have' and this will be charged as an extra administrative fee, quoted on request and agreed before such work shall commence.

We are here to help

It is our responsibility to supply you with goods that meet your consumer rights.

If you have any concerns that we have not met our legal obligations please contact us. If you experience any difficulties or anomalies with or in our documentation, please call us. Our function is to research, verify and advise and we are focused on getting vehicles registered.

58 North Street,
Bristol BS3 1HJ
0117 902 8656



Changes to our Terms and Conditions of Sale and Supply of Services and Products

Eurocert Limited reserves the right to change terms and conditions as we may deem necessary from time to time or as may be required by law. Any changes will be immediately posted on the Website and you are deemed to have accepted the terms of sale and supply of services and products on your first use of the Website following the alterations.


You may contact Eurocert Limited by email at


Terms and Conditions of Sale and Order Fulfilment (ICOC, COC, and UK registration services)


The business (Eurocert) offers advice on matters concerning the UK DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority), and foreign vehicle registration agencies, usually in connection with vehicle registration procedures. The business also provides products which are of the following type:

  • Applications and Submission to the UK's HMRC for NOVA (Notification Of Vehicle Arrivals), in physical format of a paper copy of the NOVA Submission to HMRC.

  • V55 form (an official DVLA paper form) supplied ‘filled in’ or 'fully completed'.

  • A summary document giving the buyer detailed instructions on what to do with forms and letters we supply, where to send the bundle, and what else to include.

  • UK vehicle registration documents packages, also referred to as the ‘COMPLETE DVLA REGISTRATION DOCUMENTS PACKAGE’ and '5 STAR SERVICE'. Administrative packages of several vehicle registration documents and the service of obtaining or providing those therein. These are packages of to help register a particular vehicle. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE DO NOT OFFER, NOR CAN WE, A COMPLETE REGISTRATION SERVICE THAT PROMISES A DVLA REGISTRATION OR ANY GIVEN OR EXPECTED CONCLUSION AS UK REGISTRATION IS ULTIMATELY AT THE DISCRETION OF THE UK DVLA.

  • The production (drafting) of letters to the DVLA on behalf of vehicle registrants regarding matters of registration and arising problems with DVLA procedures and rejections.

  • The issuing of an Independent Certificate of Conformity (ICOC). A paper certificate or letter stating a particular vehicle’s Type Approval Number if applicable and CO emissions rating if available; offered in the UK by us as a means for registrants to fill in the DVLA V55/5 form and other forms like the IVA Test application, MSVA Test application and NOVA1. It can even be useful at MOT stations, as a reference sheet, for unregistered vehicles when the MOT tester creates a new record for a vehicle. Also, for use abroad to assist with filling in registration forms (such as the French Carte Grise application) and helping individuals undertake administrative processes.

PLEASE NOTE (important issue that is central to completion of services):

Buyer's willingness to give us information about the vehicle -
With purchases of all our services, we require you - the buyer - to give us certain key information about the vehicle.

To enable our services once you have paid, we must have certain information from you. A clear VIN (chassis number) on the vehicle is essential. We will also sometimes need further information from you like colour of the vehicle and your date of birth. Additional information may be necessary, depending on which service you buy. Please do not purchase our services if you cannot or will not supply this kind of information as we will not be able to complete our work without your co-operation. Once you have purchased a service and/or product and we begin work (ie. even before you may have submitted essential information like a VIN and vehicle colour) we will be unable to give a refund in the event you cannot or will not supply us the VIN or other crucial pieces of information. We will normally send at least 5 written reminders before concluding that we can go no further with an order.

In the case of NOVA applications and NOVA Submission to HMRC we always need a few bits of information like how much you paid for the vehicle, when and where you bought it and its speedo reading (if applicable). We will assist you with the questions and will be available to discuss your individual circumstances. We will request this information early on and it is vital you give it to us so we can complete.

Extent of service of EUROCERT – Vehicle Registration assistance products

The scope of the business is to produce and deliver the products detailed on this page. The business’s work is deemed to have been completed and orders fulfilled when the ordered product(s) has/have been sent to the customer by mail or courier.

UK DVLA Registration documents packages -Usually, but not always, the documents will be sent to the customer for checking, signing and sending-off to the DVLA with payment for the DVLA in order to complete vehicle registration. Our services do not involve 'processing' applications and they do not lead directly to vehicle registration. Our role is to help registrants prepare and present applications to the DVLA.


Extent of service of EUROCERT Independent Certificate of Conformity (ICOC TM) –

We are a research company and our primary duty on each paid service is to present researched information to you about your vehicle. The purpose of our service is to present our researched information to you, the service buyer. The product, when the product is an Independent Certificate of Conformity (ICOC), is a written report stating researched information about your vehicle. Its purpose is to furnish you with a paper document listing certain information about your vehicle. Information that has been got from our research, or from agencies such as the DVLA, or from you or the vehicle's VIN plate. Such information may include the EC type approval status (if applicable/relevant) and may include the EC type approval number - as may be determined from our research. Beyond the delivery of this service and product it is up to you, the document holder and vehicle owner, what you use the document for. We do not offer any guarantees about any uses you choose, nor do we make any promise about what its issuance may lead to. We do offer free advice and after-sales support but we cannot be held responsible for frustration and losses resulting from a chosen use of one of our documents.

Independent Certificate of Conformity (CoC) -

ICOCs are posted after our verification and/or research procedures. Please note that each ICOC is unique to the vehicle it corresponds with and therefore if you find you have no further use for your document, or sell the vehicle, or prefer not to use it, we will be unable to grant any refunds as there is no resale or restock value.

In connection with a purchase of our Registration Documents Package - in the event of a vehicle's rejection during a registration process, or questioning from the UK DVLA or foreign motoring administrative bodies - The business will not become responsible for extra unpaid-for paperwork and labour, in the event of queries or investigations initiated by the UK DVLA, UK HMRC or foreign agencies, based on these agencies’ perusal of the registrant’s declaration or the vehicle’s history. Examples – the vehicle is flagged on an Interpol search, the vehicle’s VIN is found to be a duplicate, the agency asks for further documentation from the vehicle’s country of origin, the agency rejects/slows/loses the application due to sub-standard workmanship at the agency, the agency workers have a lack of knowledge of EU/EC directives and legal principles regarding freedom of movement and type approval; or the agency decides not to accept the documentation out-of-hand without giving a reason.

Accuracy of information stated on our documents -

We collect data for all our certificates, reports and verifications from open and public databases such as the following: Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) UK vehicles database, Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) databases, EC Type Approval databases, The National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS), The UK National Database of Classic Vehicles, The Internet Register of Stolen Vehicles (CrimiMail), The Register of Stolen Vehicles (IAATI), and others we may add or use from time to time. However, we do not and cannot assure, nor do we attest, that any information gleaned from these sources will always match exactly what the vehicle being certified or reported may actually display or may exhibit at a given time. Nor do we attest that any information (including EC type approval number) gleaned from these sources will match exactly what the vehicle manufacturer may state as its retrospective/archive record of the vehicle's EC type approval number.  This is because vehicles are modified from time to time after manufacture or registration, or due to additions/changes to the databases we may use or query.


Additionally, data input when vehicles were added to the above databases by people outside our control may differ from actuals for the vehicle in question. For example a 'nominal' value of engine cubic capacity may be recorded with the UK DVLA such as 2000cc, when the 'actual' or 'aggregate' may be 1998cc. In all cases of document production, if the buyer disagrees with data written we must be notified in writing and we will investigate and explain the discrepancy. In the case of discrepancy or human error in data representation on our documents we will always consider re-issue of the document, as long as it does not contradict government or legal sources and data. This is a discretionary service and may incur an extra charge. On no account will we consider being held responsible or liable for events emanating from discrepancies in our documentation when compared with manufacturer's specifications, or documentation held by other agencies. Refunds will not be possible if discrepancies or errors are alleged by a buyer to negate the authenticity and purpose of the documents we provide. We are a research company and our primary duty on each paid service is to present researched information to you about your vehicle. The purpose of our service is to present our researched information to you, the service buyer. The product, when the product is an Independent Certificate of Conformity (ICOC), is a written report stating researched information about your vehicle. Its purpose is to furnish you with a hard copy of the key facts and type approval, if applicable/relevant. Beyond the delivery of this service and product it is up to you, the document holder and vehicle owner, what you use the document for. We do not offer any guarantees about any uses you choose or make any promise about what its issuance may lead to. We do offer free advice and after-sales support but we cannot be held responsible for frustration and losses resulting from a chosen use of one of our documents.

Liaison with Customer and the Need for Communication

In all our work, such as preparation for the production of Independent Certificate of Conformity (COC), or application and submissions to the HMRC and UK DVLA we will ask questions pertaining to the vehicle of the customer. It is vital that the customer works with us, gives us truthful and comprehensive answers to our questions, and does so in a timely manner. The business will incur extra work and may need to make additional charges for labour/time if our emails are ignored, overlooked, junked or lost, resulting in the need for us to send repeat emails. We will also need to keep on file information of vehicles and VINs in conjunction with services provided.


The business has an excellent record of first submission success of vehicle applications both here in the UK and abroad within the EU and we will always endeavor to keep abreast of current registering agency and EU policies, EC directives, requirements, procedures and regulations. It is in the interests of the business, as well as the registrant, that the application for registration goes through first time and without the need for follow-up letters or clarifications to agencies. If a UK DVLA rejection letter is received by the registrant or a DVLA request for further information about the vehicle or the registrant, further consultation and help by the business is at the discretion of the business and may incur an extra charge if further assistance is required. This would definitely be the case if letters of correction to the DVLA or appeals to the DVLA are required. Advice over the phone may be free, but is discretionary.

Our customers buy our services and products to save them time and learning processes in dealing with the DVLA and also the HMRC and foreign agencies. We do not guarantee that by purchasing our services and products a registration will definitely follow and make no promises, guarantees or assertions about timescales and outcomes. We can be confident about our research procedures, type approval and emissions verification and age verification but agencies (especially in France and the UK) do sometimes insist on backup or additional evidence from the vehicle manufacturer or their preferred specialist vehicle clubs, and so on.


Engagement of our services for registration documents (products) and our advice does not guarantee that certain expectations you may have from governmental agencies will be fulfilled. Purchase of our products does not render us liable for any losses or inconvenience caused to our customer/the registrant by delays by the DVLA or HMRC or foreign agencies. These are governmental agencies and are within their rights to demand whatever they wish from the public in connection with discharging their duties as public servants.

Treatment of Staff of the Business and Our Work Procedure

In carrying out our work and supplying products we expect to be treated courteously and respectfully by our customers and enquirers. We will not tolerate threats and abuse and in the event of such treatment, service to the customer will be terminated or withdrawn.

After products have been supplied to the customer, in the event of governmental agencies' requests for more information, rejection of first application, or refusal to accept any of the information written on our documents, our customer must approach us with a request to help with advice, and expect it on a discretionary basis only, as a gesture of goodwill on behalf of the business.

Threats against our business

Many of our customers come to us frustrated, with the DVLA, or French Prefecture staff for example, or with general administrative processes, red tape, and the expense involved in vehicle registration. We ask you to not take your frustration out on us and in instances where we receive threats to our business operation we will act. Threats received will be dealt with as threatening behaviour and reported to the Police accordingly, whether here in the UK or abroad, or both. If we receive an email or telephone call expressing an intent to cause us to believe that immediate actions will inflict damage to business and reputation we will cease communication and contact the Police. We will always prosecute to the full extent of the law and consider private legal action to recover losses through written 'reviews' and comments on the internet designed to inflict damage to reputation.

In cases where we receive a demand for money, by way of refund or compensation, expenses, or under any other guise, combined with a threat to - otherwise - inflict damage to reputation, person or premises, this will be reported as demanding money with menaces. or extortion.


Customer Cancellation, Refund Policy and Returns, and limitation of liability (ICOC)

In the event of us having issued an ICOC that is used by the holder for a specific process, as detailed above, given that we do not promise, offer or guarantee any outcomes, we will not become liable for any expenses incurred in connection with uses or presentations of our documents. Equally, any refusal by any agency to recognise the format of our documents or the data therein that leads to losses or inconvenience to our customer cannot be brought to us as a claim for compensation. Ultimately, our losses in all situations arising from issuance of any document shall be limited to £1 (GBP) in total, being the estimated raw value of the paper and ink.

Please see our Refund Policy for cancellations and refund information.

Timescales and Complaints

The business policy is always to provide a fast service and occasionally certain phrases will be used such as ‘same day’, ‘next day’, ‘urgent’, ‘rapid’, etc. However, there may be delays in completing the product ready for delivery due to reliance on the following third parties for information and response:

The customer (registrant)

Other carriers and postal services

We will always do our best to provide an excellent and fast service but we will not be held responsible for delays that are due to third party delays.

Please direct complaints by email to We take all complaints very seriously and will always work to explain any causes for sub-standard service or delays.

Further notes on ICOC and independent assessment, certification and verification

Please be aware that with all independent assessments, certificates and verifications, a UK or foreign agency may ask for additional documentation or supportive evidence depending on what procedure you are undertaking regarding the vehicle. For example, in the UK, you may also require a Certificate of Mutual Recognition – please contact the relevant agency for information (eg. Vehicle Certification Agency in the UK). Whilst we have been recommended in the past by organisations and vehicle manufacturers such as Toyota and VW, our documents should generally only be solely relied upon when attempts to obtain an original COC from the vehicle’s manufacturer have failed.


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