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What is Emissions and what is Low Emissions?

Emissions is what comes out of your exhaust pipe all the time - generalised or averaged, according to different types of driving (urban, highway). But various gases are measured, for various reasons, and given priority at different times by different organisations for different reasons. What is more, this varies from country to country, city to city. The system in France is to allocate every car a sticker stating its EURO class and then formulate changeable policy as they go along. This is a system based on the car, but in the UK, the emphasis is on the zone. So in the UK, in the London ULEZ, Petrol EURO 3 cars are banned and Diesel EURO 5 cars are banned. There is a difference but essentially, the message is the same...if the authorities have decided your car is not suitable to enter a Low Emissions Zone, be it -at all times - (London) or at certrain times (Paris) you have to pay or stay out.

For the record, Low Emissions is simply - thought of as 'low', whereas Ultra Low Emissions is thought of as advanced engine technology (catalytic converter) or additives (such as adblue).

What is the role and purpose of Eurocert documents?

Eurocert is committed to researching and publishing vehicle data in relation to conformity, emissions, and vehicle status (imported/exported/historic/agricultural-use, etc. etc.). But Eurocert is not sanctioned, promoted, sponsored, nor authorised by any third-party organisation such as governmental institutions or agencies. We are independent. All our documents may be purchased by vehicle owners, private importers, and trade organisations, to gain information about their vehicle for whatever purpose or interest they have in mind. But no asumption or conclusion must be drawn by the Eurocert customer as to 'acceptance' or 'usage' of our documents. We work hard to formulate named documents that state independently-researched vehicle data tuned to specific processes. Example - the ICOC-UK is specifically to enable UK vehicle registrants to complete the DVLA V55 form. Example 2 - The Eurocert Certificate of Origin (COO) is specifically to show where a vehicle originates from (where it was constructed). Example 3 - the Eurocert Certificate of Emissions focusses on a particluar vehicle's emissions and compliance with Euro classifications. Usage has to be thought about by the Eurocert customer, but we will always advise by phone or email which document may or may not be right for your purpose and your vehicle. Please ask before you buy. We do not want any person to buy a document that will then not do for the purpose they had in mind. And after publication, one document cannot be exchanged for another. 

Eurocert and the London ULEZ

Eurocert documents may be accepted by TFL (the London ULEZ operator) as proof or evidence of ULEZ compliance or exemption, but there is no guarantee, and it does depend on your vehicle. It is their final decision, even if the Eurocert document states that is is EURO 4 or EURO 6 COMPLIANT BY NOx emissions


The Eurocert document may certainly help or may be enough on its own (see news article here)

Buy the Eurocert Certificate of Emissions here

Email us for a sample - a recently used Eurocert for ULEZ exemption

What are the EURO classes (EURO 4, EURO 6, etc)?

This system came from the EU, or "EC" as it was previously and has been around for a long time. The UK are using the same system. Generally, EURO 4 for petrol is considered Low or Ultra Low emisions because of low NOx and reduced CO2. But for diesel, EURO 6 is considered Low or Ultra Low emisions because it creates more particulated smoke (carbon). There were dates when vehicle manufacturers had to make their engines and vehicles compliant for EURO 4 (01 January 2005) and EURO 6 (1 September 2014). These years are used as benchmarks or guidelines in the UK for ULEZ and CAZ to exclude or include vehicles. So your petrol pre 2005 is in danger and your diesel pre 2015 is in danger. READ MORE ABOUT HOW THIS GREY AREA FOR VEHICLES MADE ABROAD OR MADE BEFORE THESE DATES THAT MAY STILL COMPLY.

Can I buy a Eurocert Certificate of Emissions for my personal interest or to at least try and win over TFL?

Of course you can. You can click here and buy for your vehicle. People ask "Is my car polluting", "Is my car endangering the environment and is it clean", "The MOT test said my car passed the emissions test but I want to know what the actual rated and stated Emissions data is for my vehicle build, year and type", "I'm going abroad and would like to know my car's emissions and EC EURO CLASS, just for my reference", "I want to know what the future holds for my car. I know it is compliant now but I would like to know more", "My car is ULEZ compliant but my V5C doesn't show any emissions data or Euro class". 

But please do not buy the Eurocert document expecting its presentation to governmental organsations as unequivocal proof in complying with government laws, rules and emissions regulations. It all depends on your vehicle, and the governmental agency dealing with your issue, and sometimes even the officer dealing with your application.


Buy the Eurocert Certificate of Emissions here

Email us for a sample - a recently used Eurocert for ULEZ exemption

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