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Brexit-Period advisory notice 2021:

Please note: generally - during the Brexit period, we are hearing increasingly of widespread bad treatment of British car registrations within EU member states. During this volatile period please be extra sure to accept and respect our ongoing terms of service which are that no promises or guarantees are made by us as to any outcome of use of vehicle documents we supply. Please ask us for advice if unsure.


What is Eurocert?

It is a British and French company, with distributors and subsidiaries in some EU countries. It has been providing services and products for motorists and vehicle importers since 2016. Eurocert Data Systems verify EC Type Approval through vehicle manufacturer certification (ECWVTACOC) or Eurocert ICOC    .


What is a COC?

The name ‘COC’ is the shortened form of ECWVTACOC. It stands for European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval Certificate Of Conformity. It is commonly referred to as a COC.

European Community (EC) is the old name for the EU, but it is regularly still used in documentation and regulations. 'EC' can also confusingly refer to EUROPEAN COMMISSION, which is the legislating body of the EU.

What are the uses for a COC?

In the modern day, global registering authorities and government agencies use a vehicle’s COC as a way of viewing and assessing key European vehicle classification or general criteria. In Europe, government agencies expect all vehicle owners to have their COC and to have it handy. This is not so much the case in the UK.

How long does a COC (ECWVTACOC) take to come through once commissioned?

As a guide, you must budget up to six weeks.


Obtaining a COC for your vehicle means we have to purchase or commission it from the vehicle manufacturer or global distributor. This means we can only estimate lead times and we can only do so once we know your vehicle information. But we will tell you before you make your final order to us and your payment.

What is a Eurocert ICOC?

The Eurocert ICOC (Independent Certificate of Conformity) is available for all vehicles, for various uses, derived from the Eurocert database of vehicle information. Order an ICOC for your vehicle now.

Will an ICOC allow me to easily fill in the UK V55/5 vehicle registration application form?

Yes. The UK ICOC is ordered exactly the same as the V55/5 form, so line by line you will see what to fill in. 


It also comes with free support and an instruction sheet on what else you have to do to register your vehicle in the UK.


Carte Grise and CT applications in France 2021. Can I use an Express ICOC (ICOC-FR)?

You must make selections on the order form to show that you understand the ICOC-FR is suitable for your usage. It may assist with vehicle registration services and procedures in France, as many many have and do, but it may not. The French administrators there may insist instead on an EC(WVTA)COC from the vehicle manufacturer, and with the online ANTS systems you may not get a chance to talk to administrators about your needs and your situation.

You must demonstrate complete understanding that Eurocert documentation may not be adequate, in itself, for your Carte Grise application. Please accept our terms and accept ICOC limitations in view of the ANTS system post 01.01.2021; we will be happy to supply and support your ICOC-FR (order now).





Can I save money by opting for an ICOC instead of a COC?

Sometimes the ICOC is a cheaper option. But it is almost always much faster than alternatives. Please be advised, as stated throughout this website and those of our partners, there are certain situations, in some countries, for some vehicles, when an ICOC will not be accepted in place of an ECWVTA COC. However, equally, quite often an ECWVTA COC will do no more than an ICOC, and the ECWVTA COC may be in the wrong language for your use. You can order a sample here.

What are the uses for an ICOC?

The Eurocert ICOC can be used in many scenarios and many places all around the world instead of a COC (ECWVTACOC). In situations where a COC is not available, you may be able to use an ICOC instead.

Can I obtain an ICOC in a different language?

Yes. All the Western European languages are available. For outside Europe and Eastern Europe, the ICOC is usually a combined English/French (EU working languages) format.

How long does an ICOC take?

Contact is made and document processing starts the same-day your payment is seen and you give us your vehicle information. All ICOC documents issued direct from Eurocert (from this website) are EXPRESS SERVICE, usually despatched same-day or within 24 hours of document processing or production. Hard copy delivery is via untracked UK Royal Mail domestic and international; or email if we are sending a scanned version. 

Does an ICOC help with the BREXIT issue?

Right now we believe the more information you can hold and keep with your car, the better. Especially if you are travelling on UK number plates in the EU/European Area.


Also, as the number of LEZ (Low Emission Zones) increases around Europe, the more the need to make applications and join schemes. Doing this online means you need certain European vehicular information to hand.


This information may not be on your vehicle registration document and in some cases, may not even be on the COC that came with the car. NOTE: the European CO2 and NOx systems are changing in 2021-2022 so even an original COC that shipped with your car when new may not state the correct up-to-date emissions information for your vehicle.


A higher service
(1) UK REGISTRATION: Do you help with the whole import/registration process of a vehicle?

We do provide this service but only in the UK. To find out more about this complete service click here.

A higher service
(2): VEHICLE TRANSIT DOCUMENT - Do you need a document that shows vehicle data as well as owner data?

The document states vehicle data and history and country-belonging (if applicable), as well as owner information. Uses can be: crossing international borders, presentation of information to vehicle registration and testing departments, repatriation of vehicle, transit or paid independent driver (ID), etc.



Order your EXPRESS Eurocert ICOC for £175