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KPH-MPH for UK vehicle testing (CAR, VAN)


FIXED PRICE MPH (CAR) adapt your vehicle display so MPH are displayed for DVSA IVA testing and UK registration purposes.

VCA approved

DVSA approved

Safe and legal

For your car; it includes:

  • MPH device certificate (Eurocert certified for the UK VCA [DVLA use] ).

  • Adaptation of the vehicle speed readings - by device.

  • A clean and professional solution.

  • Can be reversed or deinstalled easily.

  • Fast - immediate solution.

PURPOSE: Adapatation by device, so your vehicle will display MPH. Specifically - for preparation for UK DVSA/VCA/IVA inspection or certification. Useful for driving of foreign cars in the UK.

Fixed-price MPH, fill and submit the form below 

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