Registration Assistance Package (silver)

For imported and/or complicated vehicle registrations.
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includes ICOC for UK;

sold separately

Designed for imported or unregistered vehicles; any age or origin; whether LHD, RHD, from the EU or outside the EU. The cost of this package is £210 including VAT.

ONLY FOR VEHICLES MORE THAN 10 YEARS OLD, or vehicles exempt from EC type approval. 

For those with no time or appetite for forms and red tape, we'll provide a service dedicated to helping get your vehicle UK registered.

DVLA UK: V55/5 registration application form. Fully filled in, ready for the DVLA processing unit. Signed and authorised by us, as agent. 

Also, we prepare an import/export/origin statement for the DVLA application (if relevant). 



HMRC UK: NOVA submission statement and proof of logging on the NOVA system for the vehicle. A NOVA clearance is essential for all UK vehicle registrations.


You send what documents you have and your ID to us. We forward to the DVLA as your agent.



We prepare the final application package for DVLA and send it off to them as your agent.


If a problem arises with the DVLA we continue to work on the registration application, as agent.

Government Agency Charges: Important notice about costs, other than our fee for  registration assistance services.


Additional UK road tax, testing and compliance costs that are not included in our registration work fee:

DVLA UK: The DVLA number plate allocation fee of £55, is not included in our fee as agent and your administrator, for your registration.

HMRC UK: Any VAT or duty (excise) the UK hmrc deem payable for you and your vehicle is not included in our fee as agent and your administrator, for your registration. This is rarely applied. please ask us if you are unsure about a VAT levy.


DVSA (UK) MOT test: If your vehicle is more than three years old and less than 40 years old, and not exempt from UK MOT testing (ask us if undure) , it will require an MOT test pass. The cost of this test is not included in our fee as agent and your administrator, for your registration.

OTHER FEES: Please note that our charge (fee mentioned above) does not include DVLA fees (£55 registration processing fee, plus the UK road tax as applicable). Nor does it include any fees that may be necessary for UK MOT testing.


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