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You need a proof of age for your vehicle?

USES, examples
1. To prove the vehicle year, when registering on the road in most parts of the world.


2. For import/export reasons and tax calculation.

3. For valuations.

UK - if you need proof for the DVLA, have us quote first because we will be getting from a third party. If you buy the Eurocert YOM its uses in the UK will not include proof to the DVLA of YOM, nor vehicle emissions. We are not licensed by the UK DVLA. 

Year of Manufacture (YOM)


Provided by Eurocert

The Eurocert Data Centre provides publication of YOM verification, ultimately from manufacturers' records and sometimes sourced from reliable third parties.

Vehicles UNDER 40 years old - Buy Now

Vehicles OVER 40 years old - Get Quotation Now

LIMITATIONS. Please take note...

Agencies and authorities around the world may, which have no prior arrangement with Eurocert may or may not accept third-party Year of Manufacture verifications. It is best to ask them first or ask us whether the document you purchase from us will prove to them the vehicle's year of manufacture.

What our customers say

Can't recommend these guys enough. Absolutely first class service.


Got my certificate within 24 hours - spot on!

Would really recommend! The process was simple, on time and no problem using the certificate of conformity to register my car overseas.

Great service. Got my iCOC few days later, and was able to register my car in France.


Saves me money and time. Thank you!

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